Forum FAQs

Posting on the forum

New to the Forum and want to know how it works?

Welcome! We recommend that all new users post on the ‘post if you want to make some pet pals’ thread HERE. This is a great way to connect with fellow users!

I want to give advice, why can't I?

Our forum is made up of users contributing their experiences and opinions so we do encourage anecdotal sharing. However we discourage users from giving advice as we don’t have the resources to check that any advice given is correct, and would hate to hear that something had happened to someone reading it.

What are the rules on copyright?

We ask forum users not to copy long text from other publications/websites as it may breach their copyright. If you want to let people know about something you saw or read elsewhere please use short quotes and state where you got them from, preferably by giving a link to the article.

In terms of our copyright, you can post things you’ve posted here, on other sites, but not posts by other forum users.

How can I delete my username and posts?

We do not remove usernames or past posts. It disrupts the history of the forum for all users.

If you don’t want to post on the forum any more, simply stop posting and no one else will use that account. However, if there are specific posts of yours which cause you concern email for help. Remember you are able to delete your own posts.

Forum Admin

New to the Forum and want to know how it works?

Welcome! We recommend that all new users post on the ‘post if you want to make some pet pals’ thread HERE. This is a great way to connect with fellow users!

New to the Forum and want to know how it works?

Welcome! We recommend that all new users post on the ‘post if you want to make some pet pals’ thread HERE. This is a great way to connect with fellow users!

New to the Forum and want to know how it works?

Welcome! We recommend that all new users post on the ‘post if you want to make some pet pals’ thread HERE. This is a great way to connect with fellow users!

Companies posting on the forum

What's a verified user?

Verified users are spokespeople for their company.

This status is granted entirely at Pet Powwow’s discretion, following checks, where a company can help answer forum users’ questions.

Why was my post about my company/site/blog/offer deleted?

If you’re a company/business and you think you have a genuinely good deal worth letting our site users know about, please email our Deals Team: and we will then contact you to discuss options. Posting deals without prior permission is not allowed. However sponsored posts from verified companies are permitted on the forum, once approved by a member of the Pet Perks team.

Why have I been banned for "advertising", my username was my website's name?

Only verified users may use their website’s name as their username.

If you’ve used your website or email address as your username request a change of username by e-mailing giving three alternative usernames in order of preference.

I'm a journalist, I posted asking people to get in touch, but my post's gone. Why?

TV companies, newspapers and researchers should not post on the Forum asking for case studies without permission.

If you’re a journalist looking for case studies email us at

Forum issues (spam & inappropriate posts)

Who are the moderators?

Our team monitors the forum via the Pet Perks profile. You can find the Pet Perks profile at HERE.

How do I report an inappropriate, offensive, or racist post?

Our forum, and all associated threads, is not pre-moderated which means that users can post without needing approval. However we want to know if a post or private message is offensive in any way. Please email us at to report any such content.

What should I include in a report?

To help the Forum Team please include:

  • A link to each individual post you think the Forum Team should be aware of. 
    Please include the links to each individual post you feel the team needs to see. Please also double-check the link before you click send. The Forum Team will be unable to take action unless they can see the post.
  • A sufficiently detailed explanation telling the Forum Team why you’re reporting the post. 
    Remember, the Forum Team won’t have read the thread and won’t know any history. First, tell us why you are reporting the post. Is it inappropriate, offensive or unlawful? If you say it’s unlawful because it’s libellous:
    1) your name and email address;
    2) where on our site the statement was posted (please include a link);
    3) what the statement says and why you think it’s defamatory of you;
    4) what aspects of the statement are factually inaccurate;
    5) what meaning you give to the statement;
    6) confirm that you don’t have enough information about the user who wrote the post to pursue them directly;
    7) whether we can provide your name and email address to the user who wrote the post.
  • Username of the person you’re reporting and your username if relevant. 
    If you want to report a username, rather than specific posts, please include a link to their profile page in your email’s subject line. Don’t include links taken from searches, as links with “searchid” in them don’t work, and the Forum Team will ask you to send it again.
  • What happens once I’ve sent a report?
  • You should receive an automated reply confirming your report’s been received. If you haven’t, please re-send it.
  • I reported something several hours ago, why hasn’t it been removed yet?
  • The Forum Team aims to deal with reports within two working days of receipt. Often it deals with them more quickly, but some issues need to be discussed with other Pet Perks team members. This can take several days in some cases, so repeatedly emailing and asking what’s been done causes additional work and delays the process.
  • The Forum Team doesn’t work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you report something over the weekend, please don’t expect action to be taken before Monday. If action is taken before then, consider it a bonus!
  • I reported something several hours ago, why haven’t I had a reply yet?
  • The Forum Team rarely replies to reports, unless it’s to ask for further details. If you’ve received an automated reply, then your report has been received, so please don’t send further emails chasing the team up. The Forum Team doesn’t have the time or resources to respond and for privacy reasons won’t necessarily let you know what action has been taken.
  • Sometimes, on-the-spot decisions are made to protect the site. We don’t have the resources to confer with our lawyers on every subject.

If you disagree with a Forum Team decision, please email your appeal to Please don’t question Forum Team decisions on the public forum; they’re unlikely to see your post anyway. This includes criticising individual members of staff. It’s our job as an employer to protect our staff. Any such posts shall be removed, and the appropriate action take

Why was my post deleted and not others, which were worse?

If that’s happened, it’s because yours was reported to but the others weren’t so the Forum Team isn’t aware of them. If you feel it really is something the Forum Team should be aware of, please report it to make sure it’s been seen.

What's spam?

Forum users mustn’t post comments more than once on the forum (the only exception is members of the Pet Perks team; when needed). It’s called spamming and most internet forums forbid it. Where spam is reported to the Forum Team, the posts are deleted and the user’s posting privileges may be removed. Please don’t quote any post you believe is spam, as this causes the team more work.

Several boards on our forum have a spam button. If enough forum users click the spam button on a thread, that thread will automatically be deleted. The Forum Team may choose to leave it deleted or re-instate it.

What's a troll?

A troll is someone who deliberately joins the forum to cause disputes. It may be a long-standing user, or someone completely new.

A guide to dealing with troublemakers

When arguments or spats happen, people tend to get involved, and even those who normally behave well can do things they wouldn’t normally think acceptable.

On Pet Powwow we hope our users will behave as adults. We ask that you simply report any offensive posts or users to so it can be dealt with.

Don’t respond or engage with trolls

The best thing you can do is not respond to trolls or get involved in the discussion. This isn’t helpful and you could end up risking your own posting privileges

If there’s a problem, please report it to us.

We will look at what you’ve done, not at what caused it

While you may feel someone deserved nasty treatment, we will simply judge on how you’ve behaved, not why – because we ask that if you’ve reported an issue to the Forum Team, you then leave it and let us deal with it. Doing otherwise could result in you losing posting privileges.

I’ve seen advice on the forum that’s completely wrong, why haven’t you removed it?

To reiterate, Pet Powwow is an open forum and we highly recommend doing your own research before acting on advice. While we do monitor what is posted on the forum we cannot always spot every mistake.