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Introducing Pedaldish: the Lunch-box for Pets

Introducing Pedaldish: the Lunch-box for Pets

You wouldn’t eat a breakfast which had been sitting in the kitchen all morning! Why would you expect your cat or dog to be any different?

How much pet food do you throw away each week because it’s spoilt, or been used as a breeding ground for flies? In their natural habitat many animals hunt several times a day. Sadly, in a busy working week we can’t always be on hand to serve our pets several small meals. Returning home to find a bowl of spoilt, half-eaten cat food is a common and unpleasant experience.

In 1902, we solved the problem of keeping food fresh for our little loved ones with the first mass-produced lunch box for children. Yet today, in a world of beer for dogs, hats for cats and playhouses for rabbits where is the lunch box for pets?

Pedaldish keeps pet food in a sealed container. Flies can’t reach it and floating airborne microbes are kept away, reducing the risk of infections such as campylobacter and containing the smell of food. A cat or small dog can open the lid by stepping onto the ramp. Inside is a shallow bowl for a single portion of meat and a deeper bowl for larger meals. In hot weather you can keep meat cool by adding ice to the deep bowl. It’s also been designed to help raise pet food off the floor so your cat or dog doesn’t have to crouch to eat, helping digestion.

Cats can be difficult to train so Pedaldish comes with a wedge which can be used to keep the lid fully or partially open when training your pet to use the ramp. With just two internal moving parts, Pedaldish can be used in the home or outside for years; no electronics, motors or sensors and no need to replace batteries every few months.

The original Pedaldish was made by Worcestershire based inventor Peter Hill from parts he found in his garage:

“Coming home again to find my cats’ pet food untouched and covered in fly eggs was the moment I knew something had to change. With a sense of frustration, I modified a pedal bin, fitted it with a ramp and taught my cats to step onto it when they wanted to eat. From that day I never lost pet food to flies ever again. Over the months, people coming to my kitchen saw my cats using the homemade feeder and it became the source of many discussions. When I started getting requests to make them, I knew it was something that could help other pet owners.”

“I spent two years developing Pedaldish, trying to find the ideal size and shape for the ramp and bowl. Manufactured in the UK, it’s been designed and built to be used every day, and to last for many years. If you’re losing just a little pet food each week because the meat has dried out or the biscuits have gone soft, Pedaldish can save you a lot of money from wasted pet food. “

As the cost of meat and fish increases, a single portion of premium supermarket pet food can already cost more than a pound. As households try and reduce food waste, Pedaldish provides a sustainable, long-term solution to the problem of having to throw away spoilt pet food.

Pedaldish, made by company Petvictus, is available from Pets at Home from the 23rd of April 2018. The first thousand boxes contain the added bonus of five pounds of pet store vouchers if the customer posts a video of their pet using Pedaldish online.

Pedaldish, for pets who love fresh food and for people who love their pets.


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