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The Pet Show to host an International Cat Show

The LondonCats International Show is in Stafford with the mission to stage, reward and celebrate our purrfect companions. We will be taking over the cat area of The Pet Show, for our seventh show, on the 18th– 19th August 2018, where we will share the love with more than 100 cats of over 50 different breeds.

This event, associated with TICA or The International Cat Association, headquartered in Harlingen, Texas, administers the rules for the licensing and management of hundreds of cat shows annually across the globe and in 104 countries. TICA currently recognises 71 breeds of cats from the ancient Abyssinian to the newer breeds like the Lykoi cat, and including wild looking Chausie, Bengals and Savannah.

In amongst the 50 different breeds of cat at our show, there will be some of your favourites such as the Bengal, British Short Hair, Maine Coon and Sphynx all under one roof competing for the ultimate prize of Best Kitten, Best Cat, Best Alter and Best Household Pet. Also, joining these cats are the more exotic breeds such as the Lykoi (better known as the Werewolf cat) and Marguerites (an African Sand Cat cross). The show will bring together not just the UK cat community, but cats from around the world, as well as welcoming TICA judges from around Europe and across the pond.

About The Pet Show: The Pet Show takes place at Staffordshire County Showground, Stafford on 18th and 19th August 2018. It is set to feature more animals, exhibitors and displays than any other multi-pet event in the UK. The venue will be home to over 17,000 pet lovers and will feature stands by some of the biggest names in the pet world.

Further information about the show will be released in the coming weeks. To read more about the show or to purchase tickets, visit




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